Big Food and Big Pharma are Murdering Millions and getting away with it

You are here: ProLongevity > Blog > Big Food and Big Pharma are Murdering Millions and getting away with it Our founder, Graham Phillips, is a pharmacist of 35+ years! As a pharmacist you must abide by the ‘first do no harm’ principle. Yet many prescribed drugs have precisely the opposite effect. Put simply they do more harm than good. The nation itself (and many health professionals) has become convinced of the “pill for every ill” approach with zero regard to nutrition, sleep, or exercise yet these three things (if got right) would prevent or reverse most diseases and without medication. Graham became aware of this and seized the opportunity to create ProLongevity, the award-winning Lifelong Health Programme backed by science, tailored to your unique biology. In his many podcasts with industry leaders such as Aseem Malhotra, Ivor Cummins, Malcolm Kendrick, Robert Lustig and many more, Graham has covered the unacceptable behaviour Big Pharma and Big Food, but we’ve never properly explained why we are so horrified by them. Big Food and Big Pharma are Murdering Millions and getting away with it Crusading Cardiologist (and a great friend of ours) Dr. Aseem Malhotra was one of the first to highlight the wrong doings of Big Pharma. “Prescribed medications are estimated to be the third biggest killer, after heart disease and cancer. Bad Pharma sees millions taking drugs they don’t need – destroying their lives! For years public health advice across Europe has got it dangerously wrong,” Dr. Malhotra argues. In Aseem’s startling expose he uncovered how the food industry and pharmaceutical companies have a corrupted the policy that encourages doctors to prescribe dangerously excessive medication instead of giving patients support and educating them about healthy lifestyle choices. At least 50% of adults in the UK take prescribed medication (such as statins or anti-depressants) with over 70% taking at least three prescribed drugs. Prescribed medication is estimated to be the third leading cause of death after cancer and heart disease. Evidence-based medicine has been hijacked by conflicts of interest at the highest levels, and unscrupulous lobbying practices are driving up industry profits at the expense of public health. Aseem says that “with global health systems forecast to collapse in the next few years, two things are driving ever-increasing demand: the escalating burden of chronic disease, caused by entirely preventable lifestyle illnesses, and over-treatment, seeing millions taking drugs and undergoing surgeries that will provide zero benefit and as a result costing national economies billions.” Aseem has bravely paved the way by exposing the collusion between politicians, prominent medical institutions, ‘charities’ and medical journals to gain financial gain, resulting in a worldwide epidemic of misinformation with utterly devastating health consequences. PHCUK: Aseem is Chair of the Scientific Board (and Graham is a Trustee) of the Public Health Collaboration. Through better lifestyle information, this UK registered charity improves public health while simultaneously saving the NHS money. The PHC believes that the believes that the world is increasingly dominated by Big Food, (which makes you sick) on the one hand and Big Pharma on the other (which makes you 10% better). Science must ultimately prevail.


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