Thursday 23 May 2024


What did people eat 100 years ago (above picture of slim healthy folk) Our ancestors' natural diet was an irresistibly flavorful combination of nutrition and flavor, featuring lentils and other legumes for protein sources while grains like brown rice, oats and quinoa provided plentiful amounts of fiber-rich food sources like brown rice. Their traditional eating patterns stood in stark contrast to today's modern-day consumption of processed foods, refined sugars and trans fats which has led to obesity, diabetes and heart disease among other issues. Indeed, our ancestors' diets centered on natural sources. They consumed whole, unprocessed foods, from nature that they knew they could trust as part of living healthy lifestyles. Doctor Ken Berry was hImself an obese doctor from today's deadly SAD (STANDARD AMERICAN DIET)! But luckily he made the big jump in diets to Ketogenic and now Carnivore diet. And what a Godsend! Read on next post>

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