Tuesday 8 February 2022

In 2021 one third of kiwis were obese. Read on to see if too much weight invites the omicron viruse in to the body much more easily And why has no agency bothered to get us fit to face the epidemics coming? HOW MUCH IS THE MEDIA HELPING BY GIVING US NEWS THAT IS NOT FAKE OR BOUGHT AND PAID FOR PRIVATE GAIN? Steve Braunias of the New Zealand Herald takes a journey into 'heart attack alley', Auckland's Lincoln Rd - 3km of road with as much fast food as a glutton can eat. "I am the man who will eat Lincoln Rd, one fried chicken at a time, from now until Christmas. It has 55 food joints and I'm going to fill my fat face at every single one of them and take notes, and medication, possibly. I want to write about what we've become. Lincoln Rd, out west in Auckland, three kilometres in length, is the way we eat now. Fast food, drive-through, American and Asian, one strip mall after another - you know Lincoln Rd even if you haven't been there. You could be anywhere in Auckland on Lincoln Rd, just about anywhere in the world. It's the global economy at work. It's got KFC and Texas Chicken, it's got St Pierre Presents Sushi of Japan and the amazingly spelled Hut BBQ Nood Les, it's got Dunkin Donuts and The Cheesecake Shop - yes, of course it's got fries with that. I'll eat the lot and report back. I feel compelled to write about this odyssey, this journey into the belly of the beast. One of my consuming pastimes and lofty, pretentious ambitions is to document Auckland life. Well, Lincoln Rd gives life to Auckland. It nourishes, it provides. An estimated 45,000 cars gun up and down Lincoln Rd every day, the occupants spilling out to buy stuff at the crystal palaces of Mitre 10, The Warehouse, and Pak'nSave, and to eat on the run. I'll sit in wait. I want to break bread a while with these Aucklanders, chew the fat while we chew the fat. I love Lincoln Rd. Our family goes there all the time and we sing in the car for the sheer joy of travelling through it - Lincoln Rd is a magical kingdom of food and services. It's sort of in Henderson and kind of in Massey as well. It's elevated, flat and straight, beneath the blue mountains of the Waitakere Ranges. It used to be a paradise of fruit orchards and vineyards from end to end, the immensity of apple blossom in spring one of the prettiest sights in Auckland. But matters of history and geography fall away when you enter the portal of Lincoln Rd. It exists unto itself, a special place. It gets very bad press. An imaginative story in the Herald on Sunday last year zeroed in on Lincoln Rd as everything that is rotten in modern civilisation. It wheeled in a nutritionist who scorned it as "heart attack alley". I hate nutritionists. They hover over your plate and pull faces and they don't pass the salt. That nutritionist, David Hill, in full: "I don't think it would be going too far to call it heart attack alley - call it what it is. If it's going to be contributing to people's blood pressure, size and cholesterol going up then it's going to cause heart attacks and strokes." It used to be a paradise of fruit orchards and vineyards from end to end, the immensity of apple blossom in spring one of the prettiest sights in Auckland. Whatever, dude. Life! David Farrar at Kiwiblog satirised the loathsome nutritionist: "We must ban drive-throughs! The workers do not have the intelligence to decide for themselves." The comments were likewise appalled that the "trougher" was so appalled. One reader sneered: "Yes, it is totally disgraceful - we must force the takeaway outlets to stop their staff outside herding people in and forcing them to buy their wares." Another wrote: "I live out west and can only say bring it on, the more choice the better." Also: "I am betting these people shut their eyes when they drive through Levin. There are about 30 places to buy takeaway food on a trip through town on SH1." Kebabs, fried chicken, buns, salt and fat and gluten - more, please. It tastes good. How good? Are the fries of a decent size and served hot? Where is the gourmet guide to potato with gravy, and "nood les"? Incredibly, restaurant critics only ever write about places with tablecloths. I hate restaurant critics, too. GV of Pizza Hut, Cnr Lincoln Road and Universal Drive, Henderson. Photo / Michael Craig The man who will eat Lincoln Rd is the new gourmand in town. Junk food deserves to be taken seriously, and reviewed properly. It's what most of us eat. It's the people's food Steve Braunias made it his mission to eat at each of the 55 food joints along West Auckland's Lincoln Rd. He has come to the end. The man who ate Lincoln Rd set out to eat Lincoln Rd and I have, this week, at the conclusion of a long, sometimes arduous but mostly intensely pleasurable journey, succeeded in eating Lincoln Rd. In February I was seized with the desire to spend the year filling my face at every single one of the 55 food joints in the stripmalls along Lincoln Rd in West Auckland. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I felt it was my destiny. And so I traipsed along that golden mile, 3km to be precise, every week this year, filing online reports on Fridays, ticking off the food joints one by one, eating a lot of chicken and a tub of salt plus fat with that, now and then ready to give up, but I stuck to the task, because when destiny calls you should always pick up. It began at Texas Chicken and it ended at McDonald's. It was a journey into the known. Lincoln Rd exists as a nebula of fast-food franchises - it's the way we eat now, the people's food. When we talk about food we don't talk about whatever convoluted, saucy rubbish that Al Brown cooks or Jesse Mulligan reviews; the year's biggest food conversations were the introduction of chicken fries at Burger King, and McDonald's audacious decision to launch the all-day breakfast. All of Lincoln Rd had once been orchards, and vineyards, the soil rich with kauri gum, peat from drained raupo swamps, horse manure, shell lime, and bone dust. Bells were rung to shoo away the birds. Pioneers feasted on "pigeons of fine flavour" - Lincoln Rd is always a story about food - and the great Dalmatian wine-making families set to work. French consul Paul Serne was a guest in 1923. "I have come to Henderson, I have drink red wine, then white, eaten pears, then grapes," he wrote. "It is a promised land." Fine words, too, from novelist Maurice Gee, a native of Henderson, who once wrote of his hometown, "The little knot of Henderson town lay beyond the creek, with orchards and farms spreading out to the ranges." There isn't a single vine or apple tree still fruiting on Lincoln Rd. Now is the age of the franchise." ' In 2021 one third of kiwis were obese ...................................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................. To the Editor The Gulf News Waiheke Is Bishop Tamaki the only twit? In 2021 one third of kiwis were obese. Obesity can cause a lot of problems- for instance heart disease. But importantly, obesity lowers our resistance to viruses and this information gets scant mention in the media. In the battle of wits over who decides what substances we kiwis should allow into our bodies, brave if incautious Bishop Brian Tamaki got lampooned by two NZ Herald happy chaps - cartoonist Rod Emmerson and comedian Steve Braunias. (NZ Herald 22/01/2022) Braunias wrote the book "The Man Who Ate Lincoln Rd." Braunias was also a brave if incautious man. Tamaki was called Bishop Twit and a cartoon showed him in jail. Now Steve's happy book stands in place of, as it were, for the happy exuberance of The Ronald Mcdonald clowns, whose "happy meals" got a lot of deserved flak from doctors and mostly disappeared. No wonder, since obesity can have negative effects on the taking of both medicines and vaccines Bishop Tamaki may yet join in leading his people and us all back to that ancestral maori version of the modern ketogenic diet, of mostly meat and minimal carbohydrates, like the pork and puha meal of the old "kiwi boil up". Ah, the healthier foods of my youth. World War 2 rationing helped that as did "Dig for Victory" vegetable gardens, This healthy regime actually increases our resistance to viruses - information which our government and mainstream media like TV and Talkback Radio and newspapers should trumpet to us, as a public duty, but they do not. Your Gulf News editorial came in time to point us to the Netflix movie "Don't Look Up" which is a brilliant satire of US media and could apply to our own media on thoughtful dissection. Some may remember my attempts, years past, as a caller, trying to wake people up on talkback radio, about sugar dangers and global warming . The hosts saw differently and I got banned finally. And my brother Malcolm Evans got fired as cartoonist on The NZ Herald for also pointing out a truth, namely the apartheid exacted on the Palestine people by zionist factions. Not all jews of course. I am now preparing to promote the doctor peer-reviewed and lauded ketogenic food diet by way of a new political party we'll call the "Ketokiwis Party", so as to get the name ketogenic out there at least. Remember our NZ antinuclear stance - it made many folk "look up", just like in the movie Don't Look ..................................................................................................................... ketokiwis.com {or ketokiwis.co.nz} is only a week old. To stop the holocaust of fast food deaths linked to viruses we suggest you google "Ken D Berry MD". Dr. Ken Berry, MD, is part of the Diet Doctor low-carb expert panel. Ken Berry, MD is a family physician in Camden, Tennessee and is affiliated with Henry County Medical Center. He received his medical degree from University of Tennessee College of Medicine. He is the author of the bestseller Lies My Doctor Told Me which exposes myths and misleading health advice from well-meaning doctors, such as avoiding fat. He also has a very popular youtube channel. Dr. Berry’s own health dramatically improved when he embraced a ketogenic diet
Dr Ken D Berry GO TO KETO DIET FOODS GO HERE GO HERE DOCTORS EXPERT KETO DIET PANEL In 2021 one third of kiwis were obese.
Google "Dr Ken D Berry" only for the proper ketogenc diet With over 1.6 million subscribers, Dr Ken D. Berry’s YouTube channel is one of the most viewed health channels on the internet. Also the bestselling author of Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health, the family physician and internet entrepreneur has made it his mission to wage war against the epidemics of Type 2 Diabetes, dementia and obesity through his videos, writing and speaking engagements. A keen proponent of ketogenic diets, the physicians own health dramatically improved when he embraced a ketogenic diet himself. He unlike most warns about viruses getting in by the eye conjunctiva. Dr Ken D Berry ............................. GO TO KETO DIET FOODS GO HERE GO HERE ................................. DOCTORS EXPERT KETO DIET PANEL .......................... .....................THESE TWO LINKS WORK ONLY ON A CELLPHONE AT THE MOMENT

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